In response to the recent new influx of additional people working in our Rugby office, we have needed to create new workspaces and equip them with comfortable furniture.

To try to underpin our commitment to environmentally friendly working practices, during our search for suppliers offering sustainable solutions, we discovered Office Resale, one of the UK’s top retailers of pre-loved office furniture and decided they would be able to meet our needs.

Office Resale has an award-winning remanufacturing facility called the Renew Centre, which remanufactures, refurbishes, and repairs desks, chairs, and other office furniture. This facility is run using 100% renewable energy and all the used office furniture they sell is in ‘as good as new’ condition,

This facility has remanufactured and refurbished over 80,000 items of furniture since 2015, saving over 4,900 tonnes CO2e and diverting over 1,900 tonnes of furniture into reuse so that existing furniture can be kept in use for as long as possible. 

Commenting on the decision to procure furniture from Office Resale, Paul Pownall, Head of Operations said, “Everyone is really impressed with the new furniture. Using Office Resale has enabled us to support our expansion and budgetary objectives as well as underpin our commitment to the sustainable working practices.”

Office Resale specialises in high-quality sustainable used and remanufactured office furniture and IT equipment and is an approved refurbishment partner for many leading brands of office furniture.