67,000 claims were made within 30 minutes of its opening.  By the end of the day, 140,000 companies had applied for the scheme.

The online system should be able to process 450,000 each hour, with approved claims being distributed by BACS within six working days.

Jim Harra, Head of HMRC has indicated that employers who claim the scheme between April 20 and April 22 should receive their funds by April 30.

For employers placing under 100 employees into CJRS, they have to be PAYE online registered and will need to provide:

  • UK bank account number and sort code
  • The employer PAYE scheme reference number
  • The number of furloughed employees, as well as their NI number and payroll/employee number, where applicable
  • The start and end date of the furlough claim
  • The total amount being claimed, including employer NI and minimum pension contribution

Employers placing over 100 employees onto CJRS will need to upload a file with each employee’s full name, NI number, furlough start date and end date, if known, as well as the full amount claimed.  Including the employee’s payroll number is optional.

PLEASE NOTE that there have been reports of phishing emails supposedly coming from HMRC using Jim Harra’s name and asking business owners to input their bank account details via email.

HMRC has confirmed these emails are part of a scam, and the website affiliated with these emails will be taken down.

If you require help or assistance, please contact a member of our Payroll team, or email [email protected]