We’ve previously discussed the tax perks for electric vehicles (EVs) more generally here, but what about installing EV charging points at your business premises?
Installation costs

Your business could claim 100% of the installation costs of an EV charging point.  Qualifying expenditure can include the charging point itself and alteration of land for installing the charging point, as well as any costs of modification to supply electricity to the charging point.

In order to qualify for the deduction, expenditure must be on a new, unused EV charging point – not second-hand charging facilities.

Employee usage

Where someone is provided with workplace facilities for charging an EV no taxable benefit in kind arises on the cost of providing electricity at these facilities.

The exemption covers the cost of electricity, the employer’s cost of providing these facilities and any associated services.

In order to qualify, the following conditions must be met:

  • The charging facilities must be provided at or near your workplace. The exemption does not apply where the charging facilities are at your home.
  • Charging must be available to either all employees generally or all employees generally at the workplace.

However, there will be a taxable benefit in kind if charging facilities are offered as part of a flexible remuneration package.

Additionally, charging facilities must be for a vehicle in which the employee is either the driver or a passenger.

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