Have you considered your business’s fraud risks?

Companies in the UK are more likely to experience internal fraud than the global average. Within the last 12 months 38% of UK business experienced internal fraud, with the global average running at only 27% according to the Kroll annual global fraud and risk report.

Nearly one in four UK business leaders did not view fraud as a priority risk. The most widespread incident affecting UK businesses in the last 12 months was reputational damage due to third-Party relationships (42%) as opposed to a global average of 29%.

It was suggested that one of the reasons for the frequency of fraud in UK companies was down to the company culture, and a third of UK respondents indicated there was no clear message from their organisations that integrity, compliance and accountability were important.

Business leaders prioritised data theft (77%), despite the fact that only 32% of companies actually suffered an incident of this sort, and many businesses have increased investment to help mitigate cyber risk.

A slightly scary thought, but perhaps the biggest threats to business still come from within!

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