Where did the last 8 years go?

Born from a management buy-out in November 2011, we are pleased to be celebrating 8 years this week. We wanted to highlight our 8 year journey in 8 statistics:

  • Staff numbers – from 23 (in 2011) to over 100 (2019), including Partners rising from 4 to 9
  • Turnover from circa £1.3m to circa £6m
  • Offices – from 1 – 3
  • Business client numbers – from around 300 owner managed businesses in 2011, to around 1,300 currently
  • Private client numbers – from around 450 individuals in 2011, to around 1,600 currently
  • Development of 3 specialist value-adding services, key to successful private businesses – tax advisory, corporate finance & wealth management
  • Table tennis tournament wins – 4 (…helped by the practice tables, amongst other fun things!)
  • Smiles, laughs (and the odd grimace!) ……we’ve now lost count, but must be into the millions.

All of the above, but just one consistent message throughout – “big firm expertise, better service and value”.

We are proud of what we’ve achieved, but not complacent, remaining hugely ambitious. We’d love to work with more like-minded people too!

Thank you to all those who have worked with, or supported, us in the last 8 years.