Whether you’re looking to acquire or sell a business, an M&A negotiation can be a complex and delicate process. Here are some useful tips to consider.
  1. Define what you want to achieve from the outset of the negotiation – what is important to you, including your ‘red lines’ and ‘walk aways’?
  2. Make the first offer to ‘anchor’ your position. Where possible, we will utilise data to formulate a precise offer
  3. Avoid agree points in isolation. Instead, make them conditional on getting something in return
  4. Make concessions in instalments – they mean more this way
  5. Don’t let the fear of sunk costs influence your position

Overall, for a deal to be successful, both parties need to walk away from the M&A negotiation feeling like winners on the matters most important to them, and a fair compromise should be reached on the less important points.

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