The calculations involved in the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) are already complex. With the incoming tapering of the scheme and uptake of staff holiday, employers face a challenge to avoid unintentional non-compliance.

With the total value of the CJRS surpassing £50billion, HMRC are cracking down on erroneous claims.

When the CJRS was initially introduced in March 2020, there was an air of inevitability that HMRC was going to have to combat fraudulent claims, such as claims made for periods that employees were working.

However, one year on, HMRC’s focus has now shifted towards tackling large claims where errors have been made inadvertently, with a £100m taskforce being put in place to combat the issue.

Accounting for new hires and forming accurate wage estimates will require careful calculation. The inevitable influx of overdue staff holiday requests this summer, combined with the gradually increasing contributions which businesses will have to make towards furloughed staff, will add another layer of complexity. The risk of non-compliance is expected to increase significantly – as will the risk of penalties for employers.

Using our significant knowledge and experience, Magma can help you understand how to avoid potential pitfalls, calculate what you are able to claim, prepare the information required and submit your CJRS claims on your behalf.  Equally, we can review historic and ongoing claims for accuracy, in the face of what will be heightened HMRC scrutiny.

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